Beaches east of Rethymno

Beaches east of RethymnoBeaches east of Rethymno

Beaches east of Rethymno


 Rethymno Platanias Beach 4 km 9 minutes from the city centre

Avenue Machis Kritis & Old National Road Heraklion Rethymno  Along the sandy beach of Rethymno βρίσκεται ο Platanias.

There are taverns cafés bars clothes shops  souvenir shops lots of hotels and rooms to let Sfakaki Adele Stavromenou Rethymno

 Platanias Beach Platanias Beach

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Avenue Machis Kritis & Old National Road Heraklion  Rethymno  11 km Sandy beaches with small pebbles and sandy bays with caves you can explore, like Maliou to riaki and Geropotamos  taverns cafés bars hotels and rooms to let Panormo Tourist resort Rethymno 

25 minutes from Rethymno ΒΟΑΚ National Road Rethymno Heraklion/E75/ΕΟ90 sign Perama Turn right to Rural road Perama Panormo

Destination Panormo organised beaches



Panormo RethymnoPanormo Rethymno


 33 km 35 minutesfrom the North Road Axis of Crete National Road Rethymno Heraklion /E75/ΕΟ90 33.8 km 35 minutes Turn to Bali

Destination Many small well organized beaches Bali Tourist Resort Rethymno 

 Bali Rethymno Bali Rethymno

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Beaches east of Rethymno