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Question: How important is for our overall health, oral hygiene?

Answer: It is safe and scientifically documented that poor oral hygiene is a harbinger of diseases in the body, such as cardiovascular disease, who are at high risk when periodontitis is present. Periodontitis is the inflammation of the gums, which in its development causes damage to bone that support the teeth, resulting in their loss. There is the theory that bacteria of the oral cavity cause inflammation in our bodies and damage in the arteries and the theory that bacteria of periodontitis cause direct problems in the vessels.

Also studies have linked periodontal disease with respiratory disease (pneumonia, COPD) due to aspiration of bacteria from the oropharynx. Also poor oral health is a risk for premature births, underweight babies, miscarriage.

Question: What is the role of diet in the health of our teeth?

Answer: When we consume foods rich in sugars or acidic substances, such as carbonated soft drinks, bacteria grow and grow (due to change in the PH) and the result is dental decay which leads to the need for fillings. The lack of vitamins in our diet (from fruits, vegetables, etc.) can cause inflammatory conditions.

Question: Finally, what are the rules of oral hygiene?

Answer: 1) Brushing teeth after every meal (the most important rule), 2) Use dental floss or interdental brushes at least every evening (excellent way for cleaning of food debris and plaque, 3) Use mouthwash, as a supplement.

Question: From what age should we brush our teeth?

Answer: Since our first teeth appear (deciduous). Certainly In these ages, infant, toddler, responsible in this role are the parents, using small special brush for babies or wet gauze. Later the child starts itself, initially using the toothbrush as a toy to get familiar with. It is important for parents to brush their own teeth with their children, to lead by example.

Question: How often should I visit the doctor?

Answer: At least once a year, in order to establish a stable and proper sanitary condition. The gum inflammations should be monitored more regularly.

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Doctor Rethymno HELEN VAROUHA en