Beaches east of Rethymno

Beaches east of Rethymno-Creta


 Platanias Beach– 4 km 9 minutes from the city centre


Avenue Machis Kritis & Old National Road Heraklion - Rethymno.

Along the sandy beach of Rethymno βρίσκεται ο Platanias. There are taverns, cafés, bars, clothes shops – souvenir shops, lots of hotels and rooms to let.

Sfakaki – Adele – Stavromenou Rethymno


Avenue Machis Kritis & Old National Road Heraklion  -Rethymno  11 km – Sandy beaches with small pebbles and sandy bays with caves you can explore, likeMaliou to riaki and Geropotamos - taverns, cafés, bars, hotels and rooms to let.

Panormo Tourist resort Rethymno


- 25 minutes from Rethymno ΒΟΑΚ (28Α-National Road Rethymno - Heraklion/E75/ΕΟ90 sign Perama Turn- right to Rural road Perama - Panormo

Destination: Panormo organised beaches.

 Bali Tourist Resort Rethymno


-33 km 35 minutesfrom the North Road Axis of Crete -National Road Rethymno – Heraklion /E75/ΕΟ90 33.8 km, 35 minutes Turn to Bali

Destination: Many small well organized beaches.


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