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The city of Heraklion is the capital of the prefecture and the region of Crete. It is the largest urban center of the island. The city, which is built at the northern edge of the county during the long journey has many conquerors. Historical buildings, monuments and Venetian architecture modern buildings, all have their place in this diverse city. The physiognomy of the city has to a large extent since the Venetian. The Venetian port, the fortress Koules to entry, to the left of the current port, giving the tone for the beauty that the visitor will see when browsing in the town. In the center of the city, the square with the Morosini Fountain, the famous Lions are the most polyfotografimeno sight of the city and the most busy place for both locals and visitors of the island.

The popular cosmopolitan resort of Heraklion. Located at a distance of 27 km east of the city. The area is noted for its tourist infrastructure. It offers sophisticated hotel complexes, while famous for its nightlife and offers options to visitors.
The region is inhabited since ancient times. The same position was the ancient city, which was the port city Lyttos. The ruins of the Minoan settlement reveal its history.

Another tourist attraction in Heraklion, known for its history but also for its natural beauty is Malia. They have considerable tourism infrastructure, Luxury hotels, blocks of rooms for rent, tavernas and restaurants which will taste the recipes of traditional cuisine and bars that play every kind of music, satisfying all tastes.
The beach of Malia with its endless beach, brings many visitors. It is organized to provide water sports.
Malia will see another important archaeological site. This is the Minoan palace, built in the same period of Knossos. It occupies an area 12.000t.m. and around the palace have been excavated the ruins of houses and other

Matala became world famous in the 70s, when chipis have swarmed the area and settled in the famous caves. This is an area with unique and special beauty, which is situated 67 km southwest of Iraklion.
Inhabited from prehistoric times. Indeed it is said that the caves were prehistoric human dwellings. Inside a cave found Roman era tombs. In antiquity the Matala with the nearby village Party formed the port of Phaistos. The archaeological investigations have brought to light and ancient shipwrecks.
Today Matala is one of the Parties to more traffic in the prefecture of Iraklion

The Timbaki is one of the major agricultural centers of Crete. Located on the south side of the prefecture of Heraklion in a distance of 64 km from the city.
Characteristic of the vast area covered with greenhouses provide early vegetables.
Timpaki located west of the coastal settlement Red Tower, which has a lovely beach.

At the foot of Psiloritis within 45 km from the town lies the village of Zaros. It is one of the most beautiful villages of Psiloritis as it has unique natural beauties. Characterized by dense vegetation and abundant running water. Registered trademark of the region is the source Votomos the pond from which the well-known bottled water Zaros. Indeed, the water bottling plant contributes significantly to the economy of the region. In trout farm there.


Fodele village is the origin of Theotokopoulou Domingo, the famous El Greco. Indeed the father of the house is saved even at the village and is a key attraction.
Also, in the village are many small Byzantine churches.

The Archanes great story. The region is inhabited since ancient times. The ruins of ancient settlements in the region, show that the Minoan era Archanes was a city with developed economy and cultural level.

At a distance of 35 km southeast of the city across the Kastelli. The area owes its name to the castle were built by the Venetians, but not saved.
The Gortyn is one of the major cities of Crete, with uninterrupted 6000 years history and one of the largest in area, archaeological sites in Greece. Located in south central part of Crete in the fertile plain of Messara, which is famous for its first human habitation on the island at the end of the Neolithic period (5th millennium BC).
Koudouma The monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the southern central coast of Crete ..
The Krousonas is a town with 2,855 inhabitants. Located in the eastern foothills of Psiloritis. Abstains from Heraklion 21.8 km. At 920 meters altitude plateau is the name Livadi with abundant groundwater. The people engaged in agriculture (vineyards, olives) and produced oil and raisins.
Karteros is a coastal tourist village, contiguous with the settlement of Amnissos located 8 km east of Heraklion. Inhabited by 550 residents.
The village is large Mochos municipal Malia, situated at an altitude of 400 m on the west side to dry but fertile plains, covered with olive groves and vineyards. Far from Heraklion 45.8 km residents engaged in olive growing and viticulture.






The Cape Peninsula and on the hill of Prophet Elias, at the Tombs of Venizelos. The Eleftherios Venizelos himself had expressed the desire that this site last residence. Thus, in 1936 there was built the tomb of.
Later, in 1965 opposite the tomb of Eleftherios Venizelos and up the tomb of the son of Sophocles, who was prime minister of Greece from 1943 to 1952.
Just beside the graves built the Statue of Liberty. It is a stone statue, symbolizing the struggles of the Cretans for freedom.
The graves of two men visited each year many people. The surrounding area is configured with a lovely garden, seating, park alleys and stone.

Paleochora was a quiet fishing village that has become a tourist attraction. Located in the southwest part of the prefecture of Chania and 74 km away from town. A particular feature of the region is that it is the southernmost point of our country and notioanatolikotero geography of Europe. Hence called the Nymph of the Libyan as such and the locals say: «Europe ends here ...» The Paleochora is known as one of the most beautiful tourist resorts in Crete and the whole of Greece. According to historical sources, Paleochora is built on the ruins of the ancient Doric city pole. The city flourished during the Venetian.

The city of Chania and the capital of the province stands out for its charm and nobility of. Divided into old and new city. The so-called new city is a modern urban center with all the amenities of any big city. Nevertheless, the experienced eye of a travel distinguishes elements of the old nobility. As one walks the streets of the picturesque old town and observe the architectural structure of neighborhoods understands the footsteps of cultures that marked the history of place and culture of people. The trip to Chania is like fairy tale. In every corner of the street your appointment with history and renewed every turn waiting for another hero to be urged to continue ... The old town of Chania is built around the hill of Kastelli and on the ruins of the Minoan Kydonia. The city is surrounded by historic neighborhoods where lived people of different nationalities, culture and religion. The monuments left, got in Chania special character

The famous island Elafonissi is one of the attractions of Chania to check. This is a strange, shall we say nature, and is not a small island. Located very near the coast, the southwest part of the county and is just 100 meters from the bay of Chrisoskalitissas. You can get to it on foot, after the water is very shallow. In the island the beaches are beautiful with clean, clear waters and stunning beaches.

Sfakia is a wild place and threatening. But at the handsome and charming. It is truly a place forgotten by time. And not only in appearance and nature of the hackles of old settlements but well, but notably in human culture. The Leventis Sfakianoi remain genuine Cretans, as we always say ... etoimopolemoi Sfakia therefore, is built on the southern and eastern slopes of the White Mountains, a distance of 75 km from Chania. The soils there are arid landscapes with wild look hard to awaken fear. When one is faced with the imposing name Sfakianes Madares as the White Terms locals, enchants the majesty of nature. The ferocity of the place and of course the sea contributed to the history of Sfakia.

Seaside village has become a modern tourist resort. Located at a distance of 38 km southeast of Chania. It is built in a green area. On the Georgoupoli you can visit several other nearby areas are known for their natural beauty. The beach, where Almiros Exiting the river, you can enjoy wonderful moments.

In the northwestern tip of Crete is a small island Gramvousa, which has a glorious history. Today it is uninhabited and can visit with the boat carrying out tourist routes.
In the 16th century, the Venetians built there by a strong fortress which controlled the sea routes of the Mediterranean. In 1692, conquered by the Turks and became a base for pirates. During the liberation struggle was the seat of the revolutionary committee of Crete.

The lagoon is located in Balos voreiodytikotero point in Crete, in Cape Gramvousa, near the town of Kissamos or Kastelli in Chania prefecture. You can go to Balos either by boat from Kissamos or with your car

At a distance of 10 km from Georgioupolis and near the limits of Chania and Rethymno prefectures across the lake Kourna. It is one of two lakes in Crete with fresh water. Located in a beautiful location. The green environment and clean blue waters of the lake create an idyllic landscape. During your visit to the little homonymous village will be impressed by the traditional architecture of houses and authentic picture of the Cretan countryside reminiscent of past times.

The Gavdos, the small island located 20 miles south of Crete is the southernmost tip of Europe. Connect with the boat and Paleochora to Sfakia. The Gaudos although small island has a rich history, reason for the strategic geographical position.
Inhabited since ancient times. Homer identifies with the Gavdos island Kalypsos who resided in the cunning Odysseus. And it was not the only famous castaway hosted on the island. The Apostle Paul, was in the island 64m.Ch. where the transfer to Rome for trial, fell into sea. The younger years was a place of exile Gaudos.
Today the island remains untapped tourist. It has unique natural beauties, as most of the island covered by dense vegetation. Overgrown forest of pine and cedar trees, plenty of running water and dreamy beaches with natural bays, long beaches and crystal clear waters, make a dream place

At a distance of 11 km west of Chania Platanias found. This is a seaside village, the beautiful and picturesque, which in recent years shows rapid tourism development. The village is built along the beach and has stunning views. In operating hotels of all categories, shops and all kinds xenychtadika. The sandy beach of Platanias is one of the most cosmopolitan of the county and brings many bathers. The purity of water and options for water sports, combined with the short distance from town, have been classified on the popular beaches of Chania.

Theriso The village is built at the foot of the White Mountains and situated 15 km south of the city. Although not showing tourist interest are well known and has been linked to the revolutionary action of Eleftherios Venizelos. It was the headquarters of the great leader of the revolutionary struggle against Prince George.
The visitor Theriso to reach the village passes through the gorge named the name of Venizelos. The gorge has a length of 6 km and imposing vrachoplagies of competing in the wild beauty of the other gorges in the prefecture.

Another historic town of Chania. Maleme is situated west of the city at a distance of 17 km and is known for the heroic action of the inhabitants of the historic Battle of Crete. In 1941 residents faced with heroism German paratroopers. The German cemetery. Located in the village reminiscent of the great victory of Cretans. Today Maleme tourism has grown and each year thousands of tourists visiting. Have a dream beach.

At a distance of 6 km northeast of Chania is the peninsula of Akrotiri. The area has incredible natural beauty, small villages and important religious monuments. Port of Akrotiri is the hill of Prophet Elias, with magnificent views. There are the tombs of the Venizelos, the Byzantine church of Prophet Elias and the beautiful gardens offered for walks.


It is the beautiful and picturesque small village facing the wayfarer and out of the gorge of Samaria. Near the village there are remains of ancient temple. Also worth visiting the church of Virgin Mary with the remarkable mosaics. And of course do not forget to swim on the beaches of the bay of Agia Roumeli with the crystal clear waters, but in some places have great depth. Another feature is the thick sand of the beach.

Souda is the new big port in the prefecture of Chania, which is a naval port. Located on the southeast side of town, a distance of 7 km from the center of the capital. It is the little homonymous island situated at the entrance of the harbor. In this the Venetians built a fortress in 1560. In Soudas flourished in the ancient city of Aptera. Ruins of ancient town are still visible today.

The seaside village Kolimbari the encounter at a distance of 24 kms west of Chania. The tourism infrastructure is quite good and each year develops and evolves. The visitor of the region may choose to stay at a hotel or rented rooms. Have lunch in restaurants and enjoying ouzeri traditional Cretan cuisine. Kolimbari distinguished by the beautiful beach. Clear water and endless golden sandy beach form a beautiful backdrop. On the north side of the village is the monastery of the corners or under its official name, the Monastery of Stavropegiac Odigitria, which was founded in 1618. It has a remarkable collection of images and other Post-religious relics.

This is a very picturesque port to find the distance about 67 km from Chania. It has a lovely wide beach. The undeniable beauty attracts many tourists. Feature of the beach is clean and deep waters, and the small pebbles that reach certain points. Also, in a remote section of the beach of nudists together.

The plateau of Omalos has been associated with many historical events and an integral reference point for narration of the progress of Chania. It hideout of rebel in every historical period. The traces are still visible on the hard paths ..

The Falasarna is by far the most beautiful beach of Crete and has repeatedly won awards as the best in Europe, offering abundant sand and amazing crystal clear water. There are some restaurants near the beach in a very short distance (500 m) are the ruins of the ancient city of Falassarna. Here was the ancient maritime port of Polyrinias. The name came from the mythological nymph Falasarna. You can get there by bus (KTEL) from Chania or by car heading towards Kissamos (17 km from Kissamos, 59 km from Chania).

Chrisoskalitissa The name comes from the tradition that states that one of the 90 steps to the top of the monastery is gold, but can see only those who are sinless. Only a few monks live in the monastery. The view of the surrounding area is spectacular, but at the same monastery there are no old buildings.

In the verdant valley of the river Keritis at a distance of 12 km from Chania, there is the village Alikianos, which is the seat of the municipality Mousouron. Feature is that to visit the village through the great stone bridge of the river Keritis, which was built in 1908.
Alikianos The village is full of orange groves. Indeed, according to local-produce tastier oranges in Greece


Agios Nikolaos, the capital of the prefecture of Lassithi, is a town that uniquely combines the traditional with the modern element luxuries. For forty years is an international tourist resort. The jewel of the town is Lake Voulismeni. Located in the center of the city and joins the sea by a narrow channel. It is the lake in which, according to mythology bathed VenusArtemis and Athena. The ancients believed that the lake has no bottom, while according to another tradition the underground lake connects to Santorini.

Ierapetra is a beautiful, noble city noted for its great history and modern tourist infrastructure. Located on the south side of the Lassithi prefecture within 35 km from Agios Nikolaos and washed by the LibyanSea. It is known as the «Nymph of the Libyan». Ierapetra is the southernmost city in the European Union. It is built in the same position as the ancient city Ierapytna, which flourished in the 2nd BC century. The unparalleled natural beauty, mild climate, the beaches with crystal waters, the remarkable monuments of the city and the entertainment options offered to the guests, make it the ideal holiday destination

Elounda is the best tourist resort in Lasithi.
It is built on the site of the ancient city Olounda, part of which is sank. In the bottom of the sea there are the ruins of the ancient settlement.
The natural beauty of Elounda are the  sophisticated hotels which attract thousands of tourists every year. Elounda is a favorite destination of many personalities from around the world. At the picturesque port there are anchoring yachts of vip visitors of Lassithi.
Spinalonga is a small island located at the northwest entrance of the port of Elounda. It is the famous little island of Crete, because of their special history. The Venetians in their efforts to organize the defense system of Crete, built on the island a fortress. For the manufacture of building materials used existing ancient fortress. The Venetian castle, according to legend saved the entry, founded in 1579. When Crete was put under the Turks, the Venetians kept control of the fortress of Spinalonga. Later inhabited by Muslims. In 1903 by decision of the Cretan State, the island was converted into leprokomeio. Since 1957 remains uninhabited. In recent years it has begun the process of restoration of the buildings on the island.
Access to Spinalonga with the boat starting from the port of Agios Nikolaos and Elounda.

At the edge of the Gulf of Elounda, the beach Plaka is opposite Spinalonga, the island of lepers. Near the luxury hotels of Elounda, Plaka is a beautiful beach and it is close to many hotels in the financial mega-resorts, a few kilometers south.

The Milatos is a small village 16 kilometers east of the peninsula in the Gulf of Milatos. There are hotels along the coast, which are easily visible from the sea. East of them, beneath a large land mass, is the port. The beach is Milatos coast and the tourist area of the village. The port is located to the east of this area, in front of the city.

A small coastal village located within the Departments of Heraklion - Lasithi. It lies 21 km northwest of Agios Nikolaos. In the picturesque harbor will enjoy your visit and your coffee in one of the cafes run around. The sandy beach with shallow offer for family vacations and more. In Sisi operate several hotels and boarding houses, while year after year to improve infrastructure and transform the area into a modern tourist resort.

Sitia is the eastern city of Crete. Located at a distance of 70 km from Agios Nikolaos and retains its traditional identity. It is built in a beautiful location, on the homonymous gulf. The history of the city lost in the mists of time. Minoan times to the same position, the city flourished Iteia. The Iteia was the birthplace of philosopher Mysona, who was one of the seven sages of antiquity. The Byzantine period was the bishopric seat. Then in the region of Sitia founded many monasteries and temples, which are connected with the history of the place. Sitia is a special home Vicenza ÊïñíÜñïõ, the poet of Erotokritou. In the coastal road you will see the monument that are set up in honor of the great poet whose work beliefs of Crete. Today, Sitia is a modern city, with strong traditional elements. He has very good tourist infrastructure, while residents are known for their hospitality.

MONI Toplou
During its long history, the monastery has received many Toplou attacks and occupations by invading forces. This is to some extent in the strategic position. The entrance inside is through a huge, heavy door on the west wall. High above the door is "the killer of the hole" from which the monks, or those who had found refuge in the monastery, pured hot oil or water in the heads of invaders. A cannon protected the monastery from which the name Toplou which in Turkish means "to rule".

The famous palm of Vai is the most natural sight polyfotografimeno of Crete. Located on the eastern tip of the island is 28 km from Sitia and 98 kms from Agios Nikolaos.
It covers an area about 250 acres, and estimated that the forest contains more than 5000 palm trees. It is the only self-sown palm of Europe.
Local tradition says that the forest was created from the seeds of Dates to fly in the Phoenicians traders in Cape agkyrovolousan Iron. However, as they created the palm than its natural beauty has immense ecological value in Crete. The water that has been created among the palms on the beach and find shelter many species of animals and birds. That is why the area is protected and strictly prohibited camping in the woods.

Traditional village across the road to Agios Nikolaos - Ierapetra. It is built around a hill and offers spectacular views.
The village was the seat of diocese of Ierapetra, where it took its name. It is worth to visit and enjoy a nostalgic walk in the streets of the village with well preserved old houses and drink your coffee in the picturesque square with plane trees.
From the sights of the village stands the Tower Koules, built in 1868 by Hussein Avni Pasha.

One of the most beautiful villages of the Lassithi prefecture. It is built on a fertile plain area and has a beautiful beach for swimming.
The village is situated 21 km southeast of Agios Nikolaos. In the same position a Minoan city  flourished and nowadays it is being excavated a cemetery of Late Minoan period. It is where human skeletons were found in jars. The
Beach Pahia Ammos belongs to the popular beaches of the prefecture.

Coastal settlement that is distinguished for its tourist infrastructure. Located at a distance of 27 kms east of Ierapetra, on the capital, Agios Nikolaos is 63 km away has a lovely beach bordering the Libyan Sea, well-organized. The waters are shallow and clear.

The area is situated 90chlm. from Agios Nikolaos. Here in particular the position Rousolakkos the archaeological excavations revealed the ruins of the largest - after Knossos - city. The archaeological site occupies an area of 300 acres. According to research by historians.Now it is believed that these are the ruins of the ancient city Dragmos, but has not yet been proven .

A coastal village ideal for those wanting a little more complex than the cosmopolitan areas. The picturesque fishing village Mochlos, is close to Sitia. You will enjoy the beautiful nature and enjoy a swim in the small caves that give the feeling of private beach.opposite Mochlos is the islet of St. Nicholas where the relics  say that are a Minoan settlement. Also, excavations have revealed mass graves and significant items.


The town of Naples is situated in a wonderful location. Meet in the middle of a fertile valley. It lies 15 km from Agios Nikolaos.
The region is inhabited since ancient times. here flourished the ancient Doric city Driros. In the archaeological site the visitor will see the ruins of the temple of Apollo and the ancient market. The excavations revealed three bronze statues of gods.
In Naples operating rooms that offer guests a quiet stay in the region.

Lassithi Plateau
The Lasithi plateau has an altitude of 850 meters and covers an area of 25 thousand acres. This is a fertile plateau which is famous for its production of vegetables and fruits.
The road makes a round of Lassithi and covers an area approximately 23 km .around the 21 villages that are built there. The peaks of Mount Dikti surround the plateau, creating landscapes of unique beauty.
It is typical of villages that retain their traditional identity, both in their physiognomy, and the people in their lives.

In the ruins of ancient Praisos Eteokrites the resident, who in the 12th BC century. with the Dorians built the new town lies on three hills and surrounded by walls, remnants of which we see today. The town was occupied and autonomous all seasons, from Stone to the Venetian. In 145 BC destroyed by the Ierapytna

Beaches of crete not to miss

We have made a selection of the most  popular and beautiful  beaches of Crete, that any visitor should not miss at any case

Beach Crete -Sitia-Lassith-Hiona 

Beaches of crete